A Note From The Artist

When I first started painting, I'd often get the sensation as if I'd painted this before; a sense of familiarity and I just needed to remember what it was "supposed" to be. Somewhat like a déjà vu that one can't quite remember, but you still get the feeling of having been there before. 

I don't get that feeling much anymore, but I definitely feel that there is a dance one does with the painting. I'm always having a conversation with the painting, asking it to "Talk to me- Where are we going? What do you want?".

Painting has always been a very psychological process for me and perhaps a way of working out some subconscious feelings.Things often appear in my paintings that I did not intend to paint. Such as the outline of a man appearing in Violins and the profile of my golden retriever, Souza (who had cancer at the time), appearing in Jigsaw, a duck in Winterwood, etc. People often find different images in my work that I don't consciously paint. 

Sometimes the paint will create the piece if you allow it to and I'm just the lady swinging the brush or knife. Allowing this to happen is the tricky part because the controller in me wants to be in charge. One can see me allowing and letting go in my work over the years as my style evolves from an architectural and structured one to a much more free-flowing and fluid style.

I can fall in love with a section of a piece, and when I step back if it doesn't serve the whole I have to say goodbye to it; those are not easy goodbyes. I've also learned to embrace accidents - although there aren't really ever accidents when I get out of my own way and let the energy do its thing! Now, if I stumble I make it part of the dance. It may not be what I originally intended to paint, but often it's better. As Picasso once said, "I start with an idea, and then it becomes something else." -Michaela Hughes

About Michaela Hughes

Michaela Hughes has been involved in a variety of creative endeavors since childhood. One may say she has creativity and art in her DNA. Michaela started out as a child actress performing in several plays with Houston's renowned Alley Theatre; her first film was with John Wayne in 'Hellfighters'. 

She went on to ballet, dancing with the American Ballet Theater, Eliot Feld Ballet and the Houston Ballet. After that she returned to acting, performing in five Broadway shows, seen in over 100 commercials, several soap operas, films and television shows including Saturday Night Live, Dancing in America and The Kennedy Center Honors, among others.

She has turned her creativity to directing short films, many of which have been entered and recognized in Independent Film Festivals. 

All of these experiences influence her painting- in form as a dancer, in dramatics as an actor and in style as a director.

Shows & Awards


NWO Art Gallery, Los Angeles


Kate Moriarty Fine Art Gallery: "Something Blue" Awarded Best In Show

Kate Moriarty Fine Art Gallery: "Gravitation" Awarded Best In Show

Kate Moriarty Fine Art Gallery: Solo Show

Encino Center Terrace Art Exhibit - Jury Award - Second Place

Topanga Canyon Art Gallery, Women Painters West Show

Chocolate & Art Show - Los Angeles


Tag Gallery: "Above & Beyond"

Chocolate & Art Show - Los Angeles

Topanga Canyon Art Gallery: "New Beginnings" 

San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center Art Exhibit - Women Painters West 


bG Gallery - Bergamot Station:  "Art of The Square"

Museum of  The San Fernando Valley: "Unmasking The San Fernando Valley"

"Art of Coping" - Women Painters West - Virtual Show:

"Justice For All"  Jury Award - First Place  - Women Painters West - Virtual Show


Loveland Museum and Gallery - Loveland, Colorado 

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